Board of Directors

Austin Cannon, President

Shelter Insurance

Michael Cox, Vice-President

Farmer's Co-op


Kayla Simmons, 1st Vice-President

Golden Valley Medical - Windsor


Shawn Schultz, 2nd Vice-President

Henry County R1 School District


Barry Weinberg, 3 Year Director

A & B Auto Parts

Bill Anderson, 2 Year Director

American Legion Post #82

Lisa Lawless, 2 Year Director

City of Windsor

Tommy Hampton, 1 Year Director

Midwest Metalcraft


Tracy Smith, 1 Year Director

Equity Bank

Connie Fosnow, Treasurer

TH Rogers Lumber Company

Bj Friedly, Executive Director

           Windsor Area Chamber Of Commerce

                     Officers’ Installation Oath


 I do hereby agree to uphold the mission of the Windsor Area Chamber of Commerce, which is committed to the area's economic growth, its beauty and livability, and preserving its history while promoting its future.


I will encourage growth of all activities believed to be beneficial to the community and the area.


I will always keep in mind what is good for the greatest number when deciding what needs to be accomplished.

I will never voice the opinion or position of the Chamber unless authorized to do so by the Board of Directors.


I will hold my position with honor and integrity.

Diamond Premier Member, Jo Johnson, Old Drum Real Estate

Diamond  Premier Member, Pickled Possum