1.  4-County Produce Auction
1162 NE 1400 Rd.  Rudy Troyer,
manager. Auctions April -October 
Flowers, bedding plants, produce,
in season. LEARN MORE

2.  Country Blacksmith

1224 NE 1100 Rd.  Perry Kramer

Farrier, farrier products

3.  Country Candy Kitchen*

1095 Brandon Rd.  Neal Miller

Candy making business 

7.  Harms Road Leather Shop

10077 Harms Rd.  Mark Yoder

12.  L-Jay Enterprises

13496 Hwy E  Leroy J. Yoder

Welding & repair

8.  Hillside Pallets*

1240 SE Windsor Rd. 

David Ray Herschberger

New and used pallets

13.  Leon's Welding

986 NE 1400 Rd.  Leon J. Kramer

Welding repair

14.  Lilac Lane Bulk Foods

1206 NE 1400 Rd. 

Leonard Gingerich

Bulk foods and kitchenware

9.  J & K Truss & Lumber

1192 NE 1400 Rd. 

Stephen & Irene Yoder

Truss manufacturing, lumber resale

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The businesses marked with an asterik (*) are wholesale only and are not open to the public.

17.  Meadow Lane Store

11547 Brandon Rd.  Calvin Wagler

Shoes, hats, books, library

18.  Menno A. Yoder Stables

1098 NE 1400 Rd.  Menno Yoder

Farrier, farrier supplies

19.  Mid-State Carriage

11845 Brandon Rd.  Leonard D. Miller

Build & repair horse drawn vehicles,

upholstery work

20.  Miller's Fencing & Manufacturing

1131 NE1301 Rd.  Owen Miller

Pipe fencing and gates

21.  Miller's Kitchen

1115 SE 1300 Rd. Freeman and Miriam Miller

Certified kitchen, jams and jellies

22.  Muddy Creek Greenhouse

1081 SE 1100 Rd.  David Mast

Retail greenhouse

24.  Rural America Mini-Barns

11667 Elm Branch Rd.  Orva Hochstetler

Portable buildings

25.  Shallow Creek Meat Processing

10500 Soles Rd.  Lloyd & Delmar Knepp

Custom butchering

26.  Shrock's Woodworking

933 NE Hwy E  Henry Shrock

Furniture and cabinet making

27.  Tebo Creek Market and Greenhouse

981 NE Hwy 2  Joseph Stutzman

Open April-November 1; flowers & produce

28.  Timberline Building Products

1188 NE 1400 Rd.  Alvin M. Hershberger

Post frame building supplies, construction tools,

hardware, fasteners, hearth products

4.  Countryside Buildings

1366 SE 1051 Rd.  David Miller

Portable building construction

10.  Jonathan Yoder

14572 Gray Avenue  Jonathan Yoder

Sales and service, Maytag washers

and cuplicators

15.  Mast Greenhouse

1140 SE 1100 Rd.  Amos E. Mast

Greenhouse retail and

wholesale supplier 

5.  Country View Tarps

1274 NE 1031 Rd.  Ezra Troyer

6.  Elm Branch Woodworking

12538 Elm Branch Rd.  Leroy Detweiler

Lawn Furniture

11.  Kuntry Bulk Grocery

11217 Brandon Rd.  Perry T Miller

Bulk foods and kitchenware

16.  Meadow Lane Bakery*

12345 Amish School Lane 

Earl T. Miller

Wholesale bakery

29.  Windsor Harness Shop

11099 Brandon Rd.  Perry T. Miller

30.  Trailside Vinyls

36480 Windsor Rd.  Joseph Hershberger

Siding, windows, guttering

23.  Ray Fleck Grade Mill*

10077 Harms Rd. 

Mark, Lester & Menno Yoder

Wholesale green, grade lumber;

retail kiln dried lumber, custom sawing


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Henry County Government:  660-885-7200

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