Dine with us!

American Legion Post 82  660.647.5597  109 E. Benton  Windsor, MO 65360

                                             Open to the public!  Full service bar.   




Casey's General Store    660.647.2418   500 W. Benton   Windsor, MO  65360 

                                                                Open 24 hours.  Drinks, sandwiches, pizza and baked goods.  



Cinco de Mayo Restaurant & Grill   660.647.0280   109 E. Benton  Windsor, MO 65360 

                                               Locally owned!  Authentic, traditional Mexican food served in a casual atmosphere.                                                                Full service bar.  Jose and Josefina Paz had a dream for many years....to own their own                                                        restaurant.  Their dream was realized when they purchased the building at 109 E. Benton                                                      in Windsor.  Jose and Josefina chose Windsor because they wanted to be in a small,                                                            close knit community and get to know their customers.  Come in and meet the Paz family                                                      and you'll find that Cinco de Mayo is truly a place to unwind, enjoy well-made drinks, eat                                                        delicious Mexican food and spend quality time with family and friends.   


Dairy Queen   660.647.3763   500 S. Main  Windsor, MO 65360

                                                Our Dairy Queen is one of the few remaining original concept stores.  Established in                                                           1951 by Harold and Helen Wilson, it stayed in the Wilson family until 2014, when                                                                  Matt and Michelle Paxton purchased the business.  The Paxtons have maintained the                                                          tradition set forth by the Wilsons; the Dairy Queen is still a seasonal business and one                                                        of the most anticipated days in Windsor is the reopening of the store for the summer                                                            season.  It's not spring in Windsor til you've had your favorite Dairy Queen treat! 

Judy's Kitchen   660.647.0139   115 E. Benton   Windsor, MO 65360   

                                                    Judy's Kitchen is a family owned and operated, non-smoking business. Our                                                                            tenderloins are hand breaded and made to order!  We will have specials Monday,                                                                  Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday! We offer a variety of desserts daily! Breakfast, lunch                                                        and dinner.


Pickled Possum Lounge   660.647.2637   104 S. Main  Windsor, MO 65360  

                                                A true neighborhood tavern, offering a selection of craft beer, whiskey and wine, with                                                             standard bar fare, all in a relaxing environment designed to help patrons have a great                                                           time. Follow us for band listings and special events!


Sidetrack Cafe   660.647.2744   800 W. Benton  Windsor, MO  65360 

                                               American comfort food, plus, amazing pizza!  Open Sundays from 5:30 AM-2:00 PM                                                            with breakfast all day and a special. Open 5:30 AM-2:00 PM seven days a week as well                                                        as evening hours Wednesday-Saturday 5:00 PM-9:00 PM. Monday-Saturday we will                                                              also offer pizza that is delicious.


Sonic Drive In   660.647.2136   329 N. Main Windsor, MO  65360

                                                     America's Drive In! See menu here.


Subway   660.647.0220   116 W. Benton  Windsor, MO  65360

                                                      Eat fresh! See menu here.

Wagon Wheel Cafe   660.647.3443   121 N. Main  Windsor, MO  65360  

                                                     Serving American comfort food for breakfast and lunch with daily specials.                                                                             Hours:  Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday 6:00 AM - 2:00 PM.  Saturday  6:00 AM -                                                       10:30 AM.  Closed Wednesday and Sunday


Evergy:  888-471-5272


Spire:  800-582-1234

Water & Trash

City of Windsor:  660-647-3512

110 W. Benton

Windsor, MO  65360

Fire Department

4 County Rural Fire:  911  660-351-1443


Otelco:  660-834-3311

Henry County Government:  660-885-7200

110 W Franklin

Clinton, MO  63475

Diamond Premier Member, Jo Johnson, Old Drum Real Estate

Diamond  Premier Member, Pickled Possum

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Photo courtesy of Diane Tilman, co-owner of Windsor Hardware & Supply. Diane is our resident 'Rainbow' photographer.