Windsor Review
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Beth Williamson,

Advertising Manager

* Serving the 4-County Area of Henry, Johnson, Benton and Pettis for over 145 Years.

* The paper is available each Thursday for $1.00 per issue.


* Find the paper locally at Dave’s Country Market, Windsor Hardware, the Windsor Review office and in a box in front of Wagon Wheel Café.

* $32.00 for one year in county or Windsor address. $41.00 out of county. $47.00 out of state.

* Advertise in the Business Directory for $11 per week. Call Jess Kellock at (660) 647-2121 for more information.

* Articles are due by 5:00 PM on Monday. 

Jess Kellock,

Advertising Sales


Evergy:  888-471-5272


Spire:  800-582-1234

Water & Trash

City of Windsor:  660-647-3512

110 W. Benton

Windsor, MO  65360

Fire Department

4 County Rural Fire:  911  660-351-1443


Otelco:  660-834-3311

Henry County Government:  660-885-7200

110 W Franklin

Clinton, MO  63475

Diamond Premier Member, Jo Johnson, Old Drum Real Estate

Diamond  Premier Member, Pickled Possum