506 W. Florence

Windsor, MO 65360

    (660) 525-2032

Dale and Penny Eckhoff

Tent camping, outpost cabins, general store and bathrooms/showers.          

       Take a look at our story in the photos and follow us on Facebook as we make improvements and add finishing touches.

The journey begins!

The promise of good things to come!

Future home of the bathrooms and showers, with the store in the front. The garage will be getting a facelift also - new roof, siding and doors on the front, and painted to match the new building..plenty of dry, secure, bike storage for guests! 







Bathrooms and showers under construction. They're located in the back of the general store.

We had to keep the old storm cellar, it's a little piece of Windsor history.

We have two basic cabins that will sleep four people in each cabin. That's the Rock Island Cabin on the left and the Katy Cabin on the right. We also have plenty of space for tent camping.

We welcomed our first guests before we were "officially" open! Now, we're officially open and we're looking forward to your stay!  

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings!

Just a stone's throw from the trail,

these outpost cabins are waiting!

Come stay with us and enjoy some down time sitting by the trail in our Katy                           neighborhood! We'll be glad to see you!


Evergy:  888-471-5272


Spire:  800-582-1234

Water & Trash

City of Windsor:  660-647-3512

110 W. Benton

Windsor, MO  65360

Fire Department

4 County Rural Fire:  911  660-351-1443


Otelco:  660-834-3311

Henry County Government:  660-885-7200

110 W Franklin

Clinton, MO  63475

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